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Keim Ecosil Available on the Isle of Man from Lightfast Ltd.

Isle of Man college Special Needs UnitKeim Royalan

A mineral silicate based paint system developed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, ideally suited for use in exposed locations and those subject to continual pollutants and contaminants.

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The crystalline nature of Keim Royalan allows vapour to pass freely through the coating from the substrate whilst at the same time protecting against the ingress of moisture, giving up to 96% breathability after coating, eliminating blistering, cracking or peeling associated with conventional paints.

Keim Royalan is manufactured from waterglass (potassium silicate) and natural earth oxides, and is inherently compatible with mineral substrates, with its advanced formulation also making it ideal for coating ceramic and hard substrates such as tiles and brickwork. The potassium silicate mineral binder reacts chemically with the substrate creating a strong, permanent bond between the paint and the underlying substrate.  Keim Royalan has a thermal expansion coefficient comparable with mineral substrates resulting in a reduced tendency to form cracks.

The microcrystalline structure of Royalan provides a high light reflectance surface, appearing bright and vibrant, even on dull days.  Keim Royalan is manufactured using natural earth oxide pigments which are UV stable and do not fade with time.  Light and thermal rays are reflected from the crystalline structure, in hot regions this reflection reduces the thermal stress on the building structure, reducing the tendency for the substrate to crack and lowering the temperature inside the building.

Keim Royalan is non combustible.  Keim Royalan is unaffected by acids and pollution, protecting the substrate from contaminants such as acid rain.  As the surface does not retain electrostatic charge it does not attract dirt from the atmosphere  The inorganic alkaline composition of Keim Royalan reduces fungal and algae growth.

Keim Royalan – Key Features and Benefits

  • Specifically developed for harsh climates
  • Highly resistant to weathering.
  • Environmentally friendly:
  • Breathable, water repellent and water vapour permeable:
  • Increases light reflectivity:
  • Lightfast mineral matt colours
  • Resistant to airborne pollutants and acid rain:
  • Inherently incombustible
  • Extreme long life.
  • Resistant to fungal and algae growth
Keim Royalan dilution from Lightfast exterior paints IOM KEIM Royalan-Dilution - Dilution and primer for the products of the KEIM Royalan system. Used to consolidate friable surfaces as a binder coat and as dilution for the KEIM Royalan system and equalization of the absorbency of substrates.

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KEIM Royalan Contact Plus from Lightfast Agent for Keim Mineral paints KEIM Royalan Contact Plus - A silicate based priming coat for surface equalisation and renovation especially on previously painted substrates. Contains sand and mineral fibre fillers

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KEIM Royalan-Grob - KEIM Royalan-Grob is a highly filled, silicate-based priming paint for preliminary coats on difficult substrates in subtropic/tropic conditions. The Royalan system offers water repellency, vapor permeability and forms a chemical bond with the substrate. KEIM Royalan-Grob is made using pure inorganic mineral fillers, lightfast inorganic pigments, additives and potassium silicate binder.

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Keim royalan mineral silicate paint from Lightfast Isle of Man KEIM Royalan - KEIM Royalan is a ready-to-use mineral silicate paint system for use in sub-tropic/tropic conditions. It offers water repellency, high vapor permeability and forms a chemical bond with the substrate.

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Keim Acidic Remover (Lime Remover) Lightfast from Keim Agent Isle of Man KEIM Acidic Remover (Lime Remover) - An acidic etchant for the degreasing and surface preparation of ceramic substrates prior to subsequent decoration with Keim Royalan.

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Bridge House, Port Erin - Keim mineral paint was applied to existing painted render providing decades of protection against our Islands harsh marine environment.

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Henry Bloom Noble Primary School, Douglas - KEIM Royalan mineral dispersion paints were chosen for all new exterior render panels of the new Henry Bloom Noble Primary School,Douglas, specifically developed for long term protection of exterior mineral substrates located in harsh marine environments.

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Grovsenor Building, Promenade, Douglas - The conservation of this historic building facade was carried out using KEIM mineral lime based render and fillers and painted using KEIM Royalan paint which has been specifically developed for use in harsh climatic conditions such as the Isle of Man.

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Old House of Keys, Castletown - The exterior decoration of this historic building using Keim Mineral Paints; as supplied by Lightfast Ltd. the islands agency for Keim.

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Piccadilly Court, Douglas - Restoration and external refurbishment of a section of these coastal apartments.

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Strand House, Strand Road, Port Erin Isle of Man Strand House, Port Erin - Keim Royalan mineral paint system being mineral based and vapour permeable, was the perfect choice for this property in an area of extreme weather exposure where coastal sand abrasion may occur.

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