Piccadilly Court, Douglas

Phase 1 (of 4) of works undertaken to these coastal apartments on the promenade in Douglas (November 2015).

Treatments carried out include repairs to stonework, KEIM Universal Render coat and painted with KEIM Royalan long life mineral paint.

Phase 2 (of 4) (January 2017)

Extensive lintel and DPC replacements. Treatments included KEIM render applied to the substrate and a longlasting KEIM Royalan mineral paint finish.


Phase 1 photos

Phase 2 photos

Inspection / SurveyProduct selectionContractorsOutcome - The Result
These coastal apartment blocks were in need of repair to lintels and damp proof courses, rendering and decoration.
Extensive lintel and DPC replacements. All crusted corner beads were removed. Following repairs, 10mm thick Keim render was applied over the substrate in 2 coats and decorated with Keim Royalan long life mineral paints.
Work was carried out by Venetian Plaster Company
A fantastic finish that will last for decades. A great solution for coastal apartment blocks.

The building has really come to life and brightens up the promenade, great colour choice.

KEIM long life mineral coatings

Products used during this project: