Keim PorosanKeim Porosan

Is a specialist render system specifically formulated for renovation and restoration of surfaces previously affected by severe dampness and efflorescent salts.
Moisture vapour is able to evaporate through the render whilst salts and contaminants are stored in large, open pores, ensuring that the render is not destroyed.
The render surface remains dry and free from efflorescence.

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Specialist specification and application advice should be sort for any project where Keim Porosan is required.

Products –

Keim Porosan Trass-Sanierputz-NP (Keim Porosan-Trass-Restoration render-NP)

Highly hydraulic restoration render with trass lime for indoors and outdoors, for restoring moist and salt-loaded masonry.

Grain size: 0-1.2 mm

Keim Porosan-Ausgleichsputz-NP (Keim Porosan-Equalizing render-NP)

Highly hydraulic trass lime render as equalizing and porous base render mortar for indoors and outdoors, for restoring moist and salt-laden masonry

Grain size: 0-4.0 mm

Keim Porosan-Trass- Zementputz (Keim Porosan-Trass-Cement render)

Trass cement render for interior and exterior use plus, for two application fields:

  1. As non-completely covering roughcast key coat for a better bond with levelling or restoration render.
  2. As full cover sole render or vertical sealing for underground applications.

Grain size: 0-5.0 mm

Keim Porosan-HF-Sanierputz (Keim Porosan-HF-Restoration render)

White, quick-setting restoration render based on white cement, lime and mineral aggregates. For restoring moist and salt-loaded masonry, indoors and outdoors.

Grain size: 0-1.0 mm


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