Old House of Keys, Castletown

old house of keys01This historically important building in Castletown underwent exterior redecoration using Keim Mineral Paints “Royalan” mineral paints.

Inspection / SurveyProduct selectionOutcome - The Result

old house of keys beforeThe exterior of this building was tired looking and would benefit from a protective coating and a facelift.

 Before work was carried out 

For the redecoration of the exterior of this building Keim Royalan was selected. A mineral silicate based paint system developed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, ideally suited for use in exposed locations and those subject to continual pollutants and contaminants.

Some of the benefits of KEIM Royalan on the Old House of Keys:

  • Highly resistant to weathering
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Breathable, water repellent and water vapour permeable
  • Lightfast mineral matt colours
  • Resistant to airborne pollutants and acid rain
  • Extreme long life
  • Resistant to fungal and algae growth
Think Paint: Think KEIM!

Products used during this project: