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Exterior Photocatalytic Mineral Paint

Offering sustainable exterior protection for buildings with the environmental benefit that it helps to degrade nitrogen oxide pollutants from the air we breathe.

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Photocatalytic mineral paints use light energy to neutralise pollution. Whilst mineral paints already contain only environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, titanium dioxide is also added as a catalyst which enables the photocatalytic reaction. The catalyst is not used up by the reaction and will continue to react for the life of the paint.

The photocatalytic reaction converts Nitrogen Oxides and other harmful pollutants including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde into harmless nitrates. The reaction also helps to breakdown organic material and contaminants, keeping surfaces cleaner. When titanium dioxide is used in conventional paints it can breakdown the organic paint itself, reducing the lifespan of such paints.

What kind of pollutants are degraded?

Pollution by industry and road traffic for example:

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
  • Ammonia gas (NH3)

Harmful indoor gases, for example out-gassing from furniture or cigarette consumption:

  • VOCs (Benzene, Toluene)
  • Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde

Even bacteria and fungal spores can be significantly reduced by photocatalysis.

Keim Soldalit-ME – Features & Benefits

  • Durable mineral paint
  • Environmentally friendly and VOC free
  • UV stable/fade free colours
  • Photocatalytic additives – remove harmful air pollutants
  • Reduction of bacteria and mould spores
Soldalit ME sol-silicate exterior paint with a photocatalytic action from Lightfast Isle of Man KEIM Soldalit-ME - KEIM Soldalit-ME is a highly specialised, sol-silicate exterior paint with a photocatalytic action for organic, mineral and mixed substrates and on ETICS.
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The Nunnery, Douglas – Lodge House - A modern extension to an historic building, receiving applications of KEIM Universal, a modern lime based thincoat render and KEIM Solidat-ME Photocatalytic mineral paint.
Falcon House, Douglas - Various works were undertaken at this Victorian property which included elements of sympathetic restoration. A combination of mineral fillers and high build paint repaired the sand/cement render to achieve long lasting results.
2, Grosvenor Road, Douglas - This property needed a range of different treatments to replace the inappropriate acrylic coatings that had failed.
Ballavaaish Cronk y Voddy Isle of Man Ballavaaish, Cronk y Voddy - The full extent of the work needed on this property was not apparent until the original plastic paint coatings were removed. A combination of mineral fillers and high build paint repaired the sand/cement render to achieve long lasting results.
2 Ravenscliffe Laxey Isle of Man No. 2 Ravenscliffe, Laxey - This property demanded a range of different treatments on each different elevation. Keim systems were utilised in combination, resulting in a minimum 15 year warranty.
Cowley Terrace Peel Isle of Man Cowley Terrace, Peel - Complete external refurbishment of a terrace of 11 properties using KEIM Universal Render in both renovation and thin-coat solutions with the KEIM Soldalit-ME mineral paint system over. Breathability and longevity were key factors in choosing the correct materials for this scheme.
Ballavilley Santon Isle of Man Ballavilley, Santon - The conservation of this old stone walled property was carried out with a Keim system that achieves breathability thereby solving internal damp issues. It was partially re-rendered with Keim lime based renovation render and painted with the breathable Keim Solidat ME which reduces bacteria and mould spores. The products also carry a substantial warranty.
Kerroo Coar Peel Isle of Man Nos. 65-67 Kerroo Coar, Peel - Nos. 65-67, Kerroo Coar, Peel - An example of cost effective, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for upgrading social housing. Keim Brillant-Putz was used to re-render properties, on top of insulation upgrades, on this housing estate as part of a refurbishment scheme. Keim Brillant-Putz is available in different textured grain sizes and is a high performance lightweight render system ideal for application over insulation systems. Keim Soldalit-ME was then used to decorate the surfaces, providing a protective and decorative finish.
Falcon Cliff apartments Douglas Isle of Man Falcon Cliff Apartments, Douglas - Remedial works to address cracks and water ingress were followed by coats of Keim mineral masonry paint chosen for their suitability to the exposure received to the different elevations; resulting in superb product warranties and a brand new façade for these apartments.
Cat with no tail Isle of Man The Cat With No Tail - Severe cracking of several elevations required re-rendering prior to painting. The remaining elevations were treated for algae and surfaces were equalised before painting - resulting in an exterior with a great clean look with impressive warranties.