Lightfast Limited - technical consultants and sole distribution partners for KEIM UK on the Isle of Man.
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Arrange a free Survey and inspection

Keim Ecosil Available on the Isle of Man from Lightfast Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Services (1)

Lightfast Keim Mineral Paints provides an island wide service covering:

  • On site surveys, inspections and application trials
  • Provision of detailed project proposals and specifications
  • Detailed technical advice
  • Unit raw materials guideline rates and prices
  • Colour matching and design service
  • Detailed advice in the use and application of materials

Please Contact us to arrange a survey or inspection of your property

Environmental standards (3)

Please download the Keim Interior Paint environmental product declaration to view


Please download the Keim Exterior Paint environmental product declaration to view


Essentially, BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a complex scoring system to assess the eco-friendliness of any new building, in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability etc. The only part of a BREEAM document where paint is stated is in relation to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the Health & Wellbeing section of the assessment.

To find out about how the BREEAM Certification applies to Lightfast KEIM Mineral Paints please download our information sheet here.


Quality standards (1)

Keim mineral paints and render systems are manufactured to a quality system in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO9001:2008 and Environmental Management System in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO14001:2004

(Certificate registration number 12 100/104 7631 TMS)

Please download our certificate to view