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Strand House, Port Erin

Strand House, Strand Road, Port Erin Isle of Man

This property is located on Strand Road, Port Erin in an area of extreme weather exposure where coastal sand abrasion may occur. Keim Royalan mineral paint system being mineral based and vapour permeable, was the perfect choice for this property.

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 View from Strand Road 

View from Strand Road

The main front elevation had been re-rendered with new sand/cement render and the client wanted a paint system that would be long lasting and able to cope with the abrasion of sand blown from Port Erin beach.

KEIM Royalan mineral paint system was the perfect choice; mineral based and vapour permeable; KEIM Royalan has been specifically developed for use on mineral substrates in areas of extreme weather exposure and where coastal sand abrasion may occur. The best choice for coastal locations; KEIM ROYALAN
The contractors were Mark Potts & NK Plastering.

An Environmentally friendly solution for this property.
It now has a treatment applied that is breathable, water repellent and water vapour permeable and highly resistant to weathering. In addition:
•Lightfast mineral matt colours that increases light reflectivity
•Extreme long life.
•Resistant to fungal and algae growth

KEIM – The Mineral Difference


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