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KEIM Fugendichtmasse Decorative Caulk Joint Filler from Lightfast Isle of Man KEIM Fugendichtmasse (Decorative Caulk – Joint Filler) - KEIM Fugendichtmasse is a Decorative Caulk Joint Filler to fill connection joints and cracks, on an aqueous acrylic basis.
Keim Putzgrund undercoat from keim Mineral Paints Lightfast IOM KEIM Putzgrund - Keim Putzgrund is a undercoat for Keim Brillantputz for use on old and new renders from mortar groups I & II as well as internal plaster and plasterboard. Also for use over previously painted surfaces prior to application of Keim Universal Render.
KEIM Steinreiniger N universal cleaner from Isle of Man Keim Agent Lightfast KEIM Steinreiniger N - KEIM Steinreiniger N is a neutral universal cleaner for all types of natural stone. It is tensid based, environmentally harmless and biodegradable.
KEIM I.W. Primer from Lightfast Mineral paints Isle of Man KEIM I.W. Primer - KEIM I.W. Primer is a two-component insulating agent on an aqueous base with excellent water vapour permeability.
KEIM 694 Wax Coating - Keim 694 Wax Coating is a two coat semi-permanent anti-graffiti system made with polymers and water-based wax.
KEIM Silan-100 protective coating from Lightfsat agent for Keim Isle of man KEIM Silan-100 - KEIM Silan-100 is a hydrophobising impregnation for facade surfaces exposed to very high humidity, frost and deicing salts . Suitable as transparent surface protection or as pretreatment for protective coatings within the Concretal-System.
KEIM I&F-Grund Primer from Lightfast Mineral Paints Isle of Man KEIM I&F-Grund (Primer) - KEIM I&F-Grund is a Primer with very good water vapour permeability to consolidate particularly difficult substrates that are susceptible to staining and bleeding.
KEIM Silan Primer from Keim Agent Lightfast IOM KEIM Silan Primer - KEIM Silan Primer is an alkylalkoxysilane based water repellent for maximum resistance to water penetration without impairing the breathability of the substrate. Recommended for inclined and horizontal surfaces.
KEIM Algicid-Plus cleaning agent from Lightfast paints Isle of Man KEIM Algicid-Plus - KEIM Algicid-Plus is a ready-to-use, aqueous special cleaning agent with microbicidal action for remediation and cleaning of outdoor and indoor surfaces suffering from algal and fungal growth.
Keim Ecotec water repellent from Lighfast Agent for Keim Isle of Man KEIM Ecotec - A solvent free vapour permeable water repellent coating for use on mineral substrates. It is a hydrocarbon concentrate having a silicone micro emulsion base.
KEIM Silex-OH consolident for Natural stone repair from Keim Agent Lightfast IOM KEIM Silex-OH - KEIM Silex-OH is a colourless consolidant based on silicic acid ester.  For the use on any porous mineral substrate, particularly suitable for reconsolidating leached sandstone.
Keim STS 7M Paint stripper from Lightfast Paints Isle of Man KEIM STS 7M Paint Stripper - Non-hazardous stripper based on aromatic hydrocarbons. Low odour, 3-12 hours operation.
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St. Paul’s Church, Ramsey - Recent maintenance works to St. Paul's Church, Ramsey involving the removal of render dash and application of KEIM Solidat mineral paints specifically developed for over-painting of previously painted surfaces. This system carries a minimum 10 year warranty on previously painted surfaces and minimum 15 years on unpainted mineral substrates.
Grovsenor Building, Promenade, Douglas - The conservation of this historic building facade was carried out using KEIM mineral lime based render and fillers and painted using KEIM Royalan paint which has been specifically developed for use in harsh climatic conditions such as the Isle of Man.
Laxey Wheel - Keim Mineral Paints were specified for the pre-treatment and painting of the masonry surfaces of this iconic monument
Ballavaaish Cronk y Voddy Isle of Man Ballavaaish, Cronk y Voddy - The full extent of the work needed on this property was not apparent until the original plastic paint coatings were removed. A combination of mineral fillers and high build paint repaired the sand/cement render to achieve long lasting results.
2 Ravenscliffe Laxey Isle of Man No. 2 Ravenscliffe, Laxey - This property demanded a range of different treatments on each different elevation. Keim systems were utilised in combination, resulting in a minimum 15 year warranty.