Laxey Wheel renovations Keim mineral paint


Is a highly developed multi purpose exterior sol silicate paint system based on a combination of silica sol and potassium silicate binding agents, universally applicable for application on to organic, mineral and mixed substrates, combining the benefits of a classic mineral paint with simplicity of application.

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Keim Soldalit forms a chemical bond wherever mineral reaction partners are available and a mechanical bond where existing organic coatings remain, an ideal mechanism combining two different methods of adhesion.

Keim Soldalit creates lightfast and UV resistant coatings with enhanced condensation resistance which are extremely durable and resistant to weathering.  Perfected by extensive research and development work, backed up by many years of practical use on a variety of different structures, Keim Soldalit is a modern, innovative mineral paint

Keim Soldalit – key features and benefits

  • Extremely durable
  • Highly resistant to weathering
  • Breathable, water repellent and highly water vapour permeable
  • Economical
  • Non flammable
  • For use on mineral and previously painted substrates
  • Low VOC
  • Lightfast and UV stable
  • Silicate matt surface appearance
  • Environmentally friendly, ISO14001
  • Resistant to mould and algae
  • Easy and safe application
Keim Soldalit fixative Exterior Mineral paint range Lightfast IOM KEIM Soldalit-Fixative - Sol/silicate-based primer and thinner (combination of silica sol and water glass). KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ is used as primer for highly absorbent substrates or localized application or as thinner for KEIM Soldalit and KEIM Soldalit-Grob as base coat on strongly absorbent substrates.
Keim Soldalit-Grob Mineral Primer Keim agents Lightfast Isle of Man KEIM Soldalit-Grob - KEIM Soldalit®-Grob is a Sol/silicate-based priming paint with a slight filling effect for base and intermediate coats. KEIM Soldalit-Grob is used for equalizing differences in texture or closing fine hairline cracks when renovating or first coating sound dispersion and silicone resin bound substrates as well as mineral substrates.
Keim Soldalit Exterior Mineral Paint from Lightfast IOM KEIM Soldalit - KEIM Soldalit is a multi-purpose, silicate exterior paint on a sol-silicate binder basis for organic, mineral and mixed substrates. It is water-repellent, highly water vapour permeable, lightfast, UV-stable, extremely resistant to weathering with minimal soiling tendency. KEIM Soldalit combines all the advantages of a classical silicate paint with the application range of an organically bound paint. Organic content < 5%.
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St. Paul’s Church, Ramsey - Recent maintenance works to St. Paul's Church, Ramsey involving the removal of render dash and application of KEIM Solidat mineral paints specifically developed for over-painting of previously painted surfaces. This system carries a minimum 10 year warranty on previously painted surfaces and minimum 15 years on unpainted mineral substrates.
Laxey Wheel - Keim Mineral Paints were specified for the pre-treatment and painting of the masonry surfaces of this iconic monument
2 Ravenscliffe Laxey Isle of Man No. 2 Ravenscliffe, Laxey - This property demanded a range of different treatments on each different elevation. Keim systems were utilised in combination, resulting in a minimum 15 year warranty.
Hampton Farm Estate Douglas Isle of Man Hampton Farm Estate - The Keim Soldalit mineral paint chosen for the masonry elevations of this new development is colourfast and lightfast; the perfect choice for the deeper pigmented colour requirements for this project.
Cat with no tail Isle of Man The Cat With No Tail - Severe cracking of several elevations required re-rendering prior to painting. The remaining elevations were treated for algae and surfaces were equalised before painting - resulting in an exterior with a great clean look with impressive warranties.