Lightfast Limited - technical consultants and sole distribution partners for KEIM UK on the Isle of Man.
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KEIM Royalan

Technical Data

Colour shade
350 standard colors according to the KEIM Palette with specials available. On-site tinting only with Royalan tinting concentrates.

KEIM Royalan should be applied by brush or roller, working well into all surfaces.

For two coats: approx. 0.4 kg KEIM Royalan and approx. 0.05 l KEIM Royalan-Dilution.

5 kg and 25 kg containers

Keim royalan mineral silicate paint from Lightfast Isle of Man

Product Description

KEIM Royalan is a ready-to-use mineral silicate paint system for use in sub-tropic/tropic conditions. It offers water repellency, high vapor permeability and forms a chemical bond with the substrate.

KEIM Royalan can be used for all mineral, absorbent surfaces. Due to its outstanding product characteristics, KEIM Royalan is particularly suitable for old and new surfaces. In combination with the products of the KEIM Royalan system the various application areas are possible.

Datasheet Downloads


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pdf Technical 52 KB
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