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No. 2 Ravenscliffe, Laxey

2 Ravenscliffe Laxey Isle of ManThis property demanded a range of different treatments on each different elevation.

Keim systems were utilised in combination, ranging from natural stone repair using Keim Restauro, Keim Universal render; suitable for covering mineral, organic and mixed substrates, Keim Soldalit Fixativ as base coat for strongly absorbent substrates and KEIM Contact Plus Grob used as a bonding bridge.

Finally coatings of finishing coats were applied resulting in a minimum 15 year warranty.

Inspection / SurveyProduct selectionContractorsOutcome - The Result
This property on Telephone Exchange Road has undergone extensive refurbishment and renovation both internally and externally.

The front elevation render was unsightly and areas of embellishments were broken or missing. The gable elevation had been rendered with a lime render and the rear elevation were of original unpainted sand/cement.

The external elevations commanded three differing specifications –

1. Front Elevation

 Front elevation showing cornices and mouldings 

2 Ravenscliffe Laxey Isle of ManKEIM Restauro Top Stone Repair material was utilised to repair and replace existing cornices and mouldings.

The render panels were then “over-rendered” with KEIM Universal Render at 5mm thickness to equalise the surfaces followed by 2 coats KEIM Soldalit-ME mineral paint.

2. Gable Elevation

 Gable elevation 

Gable elevatio 2 Ravenscliffe laxeyThis had had been completely re-rendered in a lime render; the natural choice is to apply a mineral paint finish; 1 coat KEIM Soldalit Fixativ was applied to reduce the porosity of the substrate whilst maintaining its optimum moisture vapour permeability.

This was followed by 1 coat KEIM Contact Plus Grob, a high build mineral paint and a full coat of KEIM Soldalit-ME.

3. Rear Elevation

 Rear elevation 

Rear elevatio 2 Ravenscliffe Laxey
The rear elevations were of original unpainted sand/cement render; following repairs to the render, KEIM Algicid was applied to kill algae and fungal spores.

1 coat Contact Plus Grob was applied to equalise the surfaces prior to finishing coats of KEIM Soldalit-ME.

The Contractor was Venetian Plaster Company.
Warranty period minimum 15 years.


Products used during this project:

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