Lightfast Limited - technical consultants and sole distribution partners for KEIM UK on the Isle of Man.
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KEIM Ecotec

Technical Data

Colour shade

The consumption is dependant on the capillary absorbency / pore structure of the surface and is between 0.2 lt/m2 – 0.8 lt/m2 (premixed). The proportion of Keim Ecotec equates to 0.02 lt/m2 – 0.08 lt/m2.

Keim Ecotec water repellent from Lighfast Agent for Keim Isle of Man

Product Description

A solvent free vapour permeable water repellent coating for use on mineral substrates. It is a hydrocarbon concentrate having a silicone micro emulsion base.

Datasheet Downloads


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pdf Technical 50 KB
pdf Material safety 39 KB