Ballavaaish, Cronk y Voddy

Ballavaaish Cronk y Voddy Isle of ManThe full extent of the work needed on this property was not apparent until the original plastic paint coatings were removed.

A combination of Keim Spatchtel mineral filler and KEIM Contact Plus Grob high build paint repaired the sand/cement render prior to coatings of Keim Soldalit-ME mineral paints which resulted in the to achievement of long lasting results.

Inspection / SurveyProduct selectionContractorsOutcome - The Result
The original plastic paint coatings overlying the sand/cement substrate had failed and required removal.

KEIM STS7M paint stripper was used in conjunction with a DOFF high pressure steam cleaner to remove the existing coatings.

The underlying sand/cement substrate was found to be pitted and cracked in places so Keim Spatchtel mineral fillers were used to fill and repair the render.
KEIM Contact Plus Grob, a high build mineral paint, was applied to equalise the surfaces before the final coats of Keim Soldalit-ME mineral paints.

The main contractor was Venetian Plaster Company.

The DOFF /STS7M paint removal was undertaken by Steve Royle Services and the decorative finishes were completed by Barry McCann decorators.

The combination of Keim products has resulted in an environmentally friendly exterior renovation with high quality, long lasting results.


Products used during this project: