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Ballavilley, Santon

Ballavilley Santon Isle of ManThe Conservation of this old stone walled property was carried out with a Keim system that achieves breathability thereby solving internal damp issues.

It was partially re-rendered with Keim Universal render – a lime based renovation render, and painted with the breathable Keim Solidat ME which reduces bacteria and mould spores.

The products carry a substantial warranty.

Inspection / SurveyProduct selectionOutcome - The Result

 Before re-rendering and redecoration 

Ballavilley Santon prior to Keim treatment

The oldest part of the property was constructed in the 18th Century from random rubble stone walling which, over time, had been over-rendered with unsuitable cementitious material which does not allow the masonry to breath thus creating damp issues internally.

Previously painted elevations benefit from the application of KEIM Soldalit-ME system.
Keim Soldalit-ME was chosen for its proven long-life decorative and protective integral finish as well as increased resistance to mould and fungal growth.

The cementitious material was removed and reinstated with KEIM Universal Render, a lime based renovation render with excellent breathability and consistency curing times.
Keim Universal Render was specified for the re-rendering for its environmentally friendly and sustainable properties, along with ease of use and high breathability. Keim Universal Render comprises a hydrated lime and white cement binder with sand and mineral fibre fillers that can accommodate a high degree of movement while preventing surface crazing and cracking.
The new render was coated with Keim Soldalit-ME mineral paint – the system achieves some 96% breathability.

The previously painted elevations have received a minimum 10 year product warranty with the newly rendered and painted elevations receiving a minimum 20 year product warranty.


Products used during this project:

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