Lightfast Limited - technical consultants and sole distribution partners for KEIM UK on the Isle of Man.
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KEIM Soldalit

Technical Data

Colour shade
White and according to
KEIM Palette exclusiv and
KEIM Avantgarde colour swatches, monochrome
shades 9001 – 9012

Brush, roller, airless spraying
(nozzle: 0.79 mm)

For two coats:
approx. 0.45 kg/m² KEIM Soldalit

5 kg and 25 kg containers
(Pallet: 24 x 25 kg/70 x 5 kg)

Keim Soldalit Exterior Mineral Paint from Lightfast IOM

Product Description

Multi-purpose, silicate exterior paint on a sol-silicate binder basis (combination of silica sol and water glass) for organic, mineral and mixed substrates. The sol-silicate paint KEIM Soldalit is water-repellent, highly water vapour permeable, lightfast, UV-stable, extremely resistant to weathering with minimal soiling tendency. KEIM Soldalit combines all the advantages of a classical silicate paint with the application range of an organically bound paint. Organic content < 5%.

Datasheet Downloads


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pdf Technical 53 KB
pdf Material safety 34 KB