Maintenance and decoration of a property portfolio can be a substantial and, all too frequent, business cost. Selecting and investing in the right materials, however, can extend the period of time required between works and avoid repeat labour and scaffolding costs.
Keim Mineral Paints are the ideal products for exterior property redecoration as they have proven longevity and durable performance. Please click on the comparison chart below showing Keim mineral paints and both high and low quality alternatives.

As you can see the number of the decorations in the last column can quickly increase over the years and the repeated need to pay labour and scaffolding is likely to be the greatest proportion of the overall cost implications. By using Keim Mineral Paints the costs of the long term maintenance and decoration can be significantly reduced.
There are many examples of large, buildings in the UK, which would cost significant amounts of money to regularly redecorate, but for the use of Keim Mineral Paints which have allowed much longer periods between redecoration.
Examples include:
Liverpool Dental College – Extremely large, concrete building – decorated in 1986 using Keim Mineral Paints – didn’t require further decoration until 2014 (redecorated using Keim)
Greater London House, aka Black Cat Building – Large building of Egyptian Revival architecture – decorated in 1998 using Keim Mineral Paints – currently out to tender for redecoration (again using Keim)
Blair Castle – Large Scottish Castle – originally decorated in 1990 – re-decorated using Keim Mineral Paints in 2013
Royal Opera House – originally decorated using Keim Mineral Paints in 1998 – some small areas redecorated, again using Keim in 2006 but not required a complete redecoration yet
Inland Revenue Building, Nottingham – decorated in 1993, hasn’t required any further treatment or decoration
Royal Pavilion Brighton – decorated in Keim in 1993 – hasn’t required any further decoration yet.
As you can see with an anticipated longevity of in excess of 15-20 years the materials are a worthwhile investment and idea for the long term, decorative and protective finish for buildings. If you would be interested in considering Keim Mineral Paints for the maintenance of your property portfolio then please do not hesitate to contact me – Lightfast Limited; Isle of Man Agency for Keim Mineral Paints