Murdoch Chamber, South Quay, Douglas

Natural sandstone restoration works complete at Murdoch Chambers, South Quay, Douglas.

The Keim Restauro system provides a complete range of products for the cleaning, consolidation, repair and preservation of natural stone. Due to the specialised nature of these products, and the highly sensitive areas of their application, advice must be sought from Lightfast Ltd. Isle of Man

Restoring damaged natural stone requires appropriate materials and methods in order to retain and protect stone and to reproduce its original appearance.


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The natural sandstone embellishments and architectural features of Murdoch Chambers. Sadly, many features are now lost having suffered catastrophic damage caused by use of incorrect cementicious mortar jointing materials in maintenance and renovation of these buildings over many years.

Stone consolidation is a restorative stone preservation measure. The aim of successful stone consolidation is to recreate the original strength of the material.
Stone replacement mortars are used for reconstructing stone. The Keim Restauro range of dry bagged, mineral-based restoration mortars are ideal for repairing damage to natural stone surfaces.

The low-pigment products from the Keim Restauro range provide ideal unique solutions. Due to its water repellency, Keim Restauro-Lasur, a sol/silicate based, low-pigment coating for natural stone, protects natural stone by reducing the absorption of water and pollutants. Depending upon the level of dilution with Keim Restauro-Fixativ, Keim Restauro-Lasur produces a low-pigment finish enabling individual natural stone colouring and unobtrusive colour matching of repairs.

The highly sensitive areas of sandstone portico’s, plaques, pediments and window surrounds of Murdoch Chamber have been saved and preserved for many years to come.


Products used during this project: