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Homes and Houses

Keim Mineral Paints understand that redecorating your home is an important investment and that the material choice is as important as choosing the right decorator. It is important to choose materials which will perform well for long periods of time to avoid the need for frequent costly redecorations.

Conventional acrylic masonry paints merely coat the surface and create a film around the substrate. This film forming coating does not allow moisture vapour to breathe through it, which can result in the formation of blisters, which may lead to cracking and flaking paint. This not only looks unsightly but, if moisture vapour is unable to pass through the surface, this can lead to elevated moisture levels within the substrate eventually leading to friability and damage.

Conventional acrylic based paints also suffer from the effects of UV degradation. This initially results in a loss of colour and then eventually embrittlement of the paint, causing cracking and failure.

By choosing a coating such as a mineral paint, which allows moisture vapour to breathe through, walls are able to dry out, avoiding damaged paint and damp walls. Mineral paints are UV stable as they are made using natural earth oxide pigments.


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